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                                   2022 Rule Change Proposal Page

General Rule Changes;

New Divisions    --  Steve R.

1a.  If no manager is found for the Pyrates, then we go to no divisions. Top 6 teams make the playoffs ranked by wins (use same tie breakers currently in use).  Top 4 teams lose 2 draft picks, other 2 teams lose 1.

Ex:  In the past there has been a cake walk division and to the other extreme an overly hard division.  This alignment eliminates that effect for the season.  You have to treat all teams as your competitor for a playoff spot.  Nobody gets an advantage because they are in a weaker division.  Consider it bloody battle to the finish.

1b.  If the Pyrates get a manager, then I propose the following line up:

Scully                             Harwell                       Enberg                      Garagiola
Sharks      .565              Pond Scum  .561.      Trucks      .560          Barracudas      .558
Angels      .505              Sultans         .519       Scrubs     .520          tggers              .520
Astros      .498              FireFrogs      .488       Pyrates    .474          Marlins            .442
Firehouse .406              Storm           .409        Crush      .442          Lizard Lickers  .442

Ex:  The number by each team is their winning % since 2015 (this is the first year listed in the history section of the website).  
          This doesn't completely eliminate an easy division, but it does balance the scales quite a bit more.  Geographic alignment just doesn't work.  
           There is always a team that gets a rubber stamp to the playoffs while another team gets beat up by playing 2 or 3 really tough teams TWICE. 

1c.  If we get a manager for the Pyrates (16th team), then we expand the schedule to 90 games (15 series).  
         The extra series would be played in June with stats due at the appropriate time.  
         All games available, SP starts, and RIP would also be adjusted to the appropriate ratios (56% of actual use).
2. Keep the league at 15 teams for at least two years so everybody plays everybody and there is no more division imbalance
                             And no driving distance issues !! We can look again in two years if there are issues We should still have the old format for the playoffs   --  Bill C.

3.  If no manager is found for the Pyrates, that team goes into the draft and we go to the following 3 divisions, with one series played against each team in the SCBL.  --  Mike M.

1 2 3
Sharks Pond Scum Trucks
tggers Angels Barracudas
Storm Fire Frogs Scrubs
Astros Sultans Lizard Lickers
Firehouse Marlins Crush

5 playoff teams - 3 Division Winners and 2 Wild Cards
Round 1 - Wild Cards play each other
Round 2 - #1 Seed plays Wild Card Winner, #2 Seed plays #3 Seed
Round 3 - World Series

4.  I propose the following divisions if 15 teams. Everyone plays each other once. 3 division winners & 2 wildcards. Best record gets bye.    --  Charlie O.
Wild cards play each other. Wildcard winner plays 1. & 2& 3 play each other.

     1                        2                        3
Astros               Pond Scum        Sharks
Barracudas       Fire Frogs          Crush
Storm                Firehouse           Marlins
Lizard Lickers    Scrubs               Trucks
 Angels               tggers               Sultans

If 16 teams  everyone plays each other once so 90 games. The fairest.

     1                         2                       3                      4
Astros                Ponds Scum       Scrubs             Sharks
Storm                 Fire Frogs           tggers              Crush   
Barracudas        Firehouse           Sultans             Marlins
Angels               Lizard Lickers      Pyrates            Trucks

6 Playoff teams - 4 divison winners & two wildcard teams.
Best 2 records get byes. Wildcards play each other 3 & 4 play each other.
Winner of wildcard than plays #1. Than 2 plays winner 3 & 4.
5.  If a Manager is found for the Pyrates, 4 Divisions of 4 as follows:    --   Mike M.
Enberg Scully Harwell Garagiola
Barracudas Angels Astros Pyrates
Crush Fire Frogs Lizard Lickers Sultans
Marlins Firehouse Sharks tggers
Scrubs Pond Scum Storm Trucks
Playoffs (6 teams), League play (14 series) and Draft Picks remain the same as current rules

Player Rule Changes;

1. Change Rule #56, the Hits per Inning for High and Low pitchers to:       --  Mike M.

                        Low                         Neutral            High
A & higher Less than 6.00 6.00-7.50          More than 7.50
A-                 Less than 6.50 6.50-8.00          More than 8.00
B                 Less than 7.00 7.00-8.50          More than 8.50
B-                 Less than 7.50 7.50-9.00          More than 9.00
C                 Less than 8.00 8.00-9.50          More than 9.50
C-                 Less than 8.50 8.50-10.00 More than 10.00
D                 Less than 9.00 9.00-10.50 More than 10.50

The number of total Pitchers in the draft with L's has more than doubled in the past 5 years:
2017 Draft - L Pitchers 28%
2018 Draft - L Pitchers 34%
2019 Draft - L Pitchers 46%
2020 Draft - L Pitchers 53%
2021 Draft - L Pitchers 57%

The number of Pitchers on SCBL rosters with L's the last 2 years:
2020 - 54%
2021 - 64%

MLB Total Team Batting averages have dropped from .255 in 2017 to .244 in 2021

These stats show that the requirements for L pitchers are now way out of whack and need to be adjusted. 
This rule change will not affect H pitchers but will lower the threshold for L pitchers by 0.5 hits per inning in order to bring them closer to a 33% L 34% N  33% H distribution.

If this rule is approved, reevaluate the distribution in 2 years to see if any further adjustment (higher or lower) is needed.

Board Changes;

1. Change Runner on 1st, prn#35 for Sacrifice to:        --  Mike M.
    Sac: Out at 1st, Runner to 2nd (good Sac) 2-4; (C 8-9): Fielder's choice, runner out at 2nd. 2-6

Ex: We already have play results "23" and "25" where a Sac turns into a double play.
       We don't need a 3rd Double Play result when it is already difficult to sacrifice with a Pitcher. This also gives some benefit to a better fielding Catcher.

(independent analysis: Passage will drop the percentage of doubleplays for sacrificing on a pitcher card from 10.8% to 8.1%, 
                                     while increasing the, "good sac", rate from 16.2% to 17.1%)

2. Change Rule #25 so the "V" is used in all base situations, Except bases Empty.       --  Bill C.