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          2023 League Champs:  Mission Viejo Trucks                                                                    2023 Manager of the year: ????                                                                   COO Rich (909) 621-2195



2015 Rule Proposal Page

(The Voting is Final)

(if a rule proposal was pulled by its author before a vote could be made it will be struck through)
Board Changes;
#1.  Bases Empty board PRN #22 ,.(MC Trucks) Passed
             P1 pitcher  = HBP
             P2 pitcher  = Single
#2. Man on 1st, and Men on 1st and 3rd, Hit and Run, PRN #1 will be a Home Run, (Crush)
#3. Modify A&C home run and double's chart to; Rolls #1-4 gets the HR and #1-4 gets the 2B, and a rolls of #5-6 being a double and a single respectively. (Crush)
#4.  Z+ only stops walks on a one die roll of, # 1-2 = 2 balls , # 3-6 = Walk. (Crush)
#5.  Man on 1st, Hit and Run PRN # 2  to Triple, batter out at home, (F) scores (Crush)
#6. Use the Master Games Homerun allowance Letters for all pitchers. (This rule will be on all cards and boards this season, but will not take effect until next season) (Tggers)
#7. Slow is slow, and there are to many slow outs when its obvious that if your slow, you should not be running for an extra base....
       So I propose to reduce the amount of slow outs by 4 of a possible 16, plus 3 additional, (Pond Scum);

#8. Rule 39 replacement, (rule #6 proposal), this would take effect this coming season. (tggers) Passed
Rule #39 will read;

If a Pitcher receives an Master game designation of a H for less homeruns he will get a G rating and follow the boards as marked.

Runner on 1st  or  Runner on 2nd  will be;  1 - Homerun, (G pitchers = Same as #6 ).

If a Pitcher receives an Master game designation of a M for more homeruns he will get a M rating and follow the boards as marked.

Bases Empty;  6 - Double, (M pitchers and 1 or 2 outs = Homerun)

Player usage;
#1. No SCBL J-1 through J-5 rated players may START in the post season. They may be used as a pinch hitter or defensive replacement after the 5th inning only. 
              This rule also includes pitchers.  All other usage rules to APBA J-4 rated players still applies. (Misfits)
#2. Playoffs players can play as follows, APBA J ratings apply; J-0 and J-1 all games, J-2 6 games a series, J-3 4 games a series, J-4 3 games a series.
              Playoffs Starting pitchers are limited to playoff totals; J-2 - 6 starts max,  J-3 - 5 starts max,  J-4 - 2 starts max.                 
              Playoff Relief pitchers are per series; J-0 9 innings,  J-1  7 innings,  J-2  6 innings,  J-3  5 innings,  J-4  3 innings. (tggers & Sultans) Passed
              (Split grade Pitchers will be announced as a starter or a reliever before the 1st series and remain as stated throughout the playoffs, following the rules aforementioned.)
#3. Use the Master Game Q factor for starters only. The fatigue rating, (Q), will take effect at the start of the listed inning and drop the pitcher a half grade for every inning pitched, (Sultans); 
#4.  Change rule #53 to; All pitchers will lose one letter grade for every two runs given up after the sixth inning. (tggers) Failed

#5.  New set of Allowance Letters for Steals and Hit & Run, (tggers)
#6.   C relievers be allowed unlimited innings like a D relievers, still subject to all the other reliever limits like all relievers.  (i.e. 3 games in a row, etc.) (Trucks) Failed
#7.     Change rule #70 to; 60% of the lowest BB/9 inn pitchers, (less intentional BB's),  that have a Z rating given to them by ABPA shall become a Z+ pitchers. (tggers) Passed for the 2016 season
#1.   Dice are to remain on the table until opponent acknowledges the roll. (Misfits) Passed
#2.    A. Dice must be easily readable across the table
            B. Any clear dice used must have pips that are solid and easily readable as indicated in A. (Pond Scum)
#3.    Both managers use the same agreed upon dice for each game. A different set of dice may be used for the next game. (6 different sets of dice possible for a series).
             Managers may also decide to use a separate single die for additional rolls or a separate set of dice for stolen base rolls. (MC Trucks) Failed
#4.      Any thing that is brought to the table when playing a series may be used by either player. (i.e.; pens, dice towers, dice... to name a few.) (tggers) Unanimously Failed
#5.     Change rule #59 to read;   To intentionally walk a batter, "Walk him" must be called before both dice have stopped rolling. (tggers) Passed

Draft Rules
#1.     Modify rule #23 to:  The Tie Breaker system (see Rule 39) will be used in draft pick position ties with the winner of the tiebreaker
           drafting after the loser of the tiebreaker in the 1st round. In successive picks, the tied teams will alternate drafting positions where applicable. (Pond Scum) Passed
           (this will modify the current draft list and changes have been posted on the main page of the SCBL site)