Southern California APBA Baseball League
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          2023 League Champs:  Mission Viejo Trucks                                                                    2023 Manager of the year: ????                                                                   COO Rich (909) 621-2195


2015 Trading Page

Confirmed Trades;
Draft Day Trades   -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------
Feb8th     Crush  -  B.Arroyo SP  for  Marlins  -  J.Hellickson SP 
Feb 8th    Marlins  -  T.Cingrani  SP  for  Tggers  -  pick #81(7th)
Feb 8th    Bombers  -  M.Boggs RP  for  Crush  -  S.Victorino OF
Feb 8th    Bombers  -  J.Kelly SP  for  Marlins  -  J.Gyorko 2B
Feb 8th    Trucks  -  M.Aviles SS  for  Crush  -  Pick #77(7th)
Feb 8th    Tggers  -  Picks #17(2nd) and #66(6th)  for  Pond Scum  -  Pick #11(1st)
Feb 3rd    Barracudas  -  T.Hanson SP  for  Crush  -  J.Peralta RP and N.Punto 2B
Feb 1st    Lizard Lickers  -  Picks #28(3rd) and #40(4th)  for  Pond Scum  -  Picks #19(2nd) and 64th(6th)
Jan 26th   Pond Scum  -  Pick #33(3rd)  for  Angels  -  Picks #44(4th) and #64(6th)
Jan 21st   Barracudas  -  N.Arrenado 3B and pick #56(5th)  for  Pond Scum  -  J.Uribe 3B, M.Moustakas 3B and H.Iwakuma SP
Jan 21st   Barracudas  -  Picks #13(1st) and #69(6th)  for  Crush  -  M.Kemp OF and F.Rodney RP
Jan 19th   Barracudas  -  Picks #10(1st) and #84(7th)  for  Trucks  -  Picks #13(1st) and 56(5th)
Jan 16th   Sultans  -  J.Benoit RP  for  Crush  -  Pick #29(3rd)
Jan 15th   RedWave  -  J.Vargas SP, C.Lee SP, B.Lawrie 3B and pick #77(7th)  for 
                 Crush  -  B.Colon SP, B.Ziegler RP and picks #32(3rd) and #68(6th)
Jan 12th   Crush  -  J.Altuve 2B  for  Trucks  -  D.Pedroia 2B and pick #26(2nd)
Jan 12th   Sharks  -  D.Pedroia 2B and pick #48(4th)  for  Trucks  -  Z.Wheeler SP, J.Smoak 1B and pick #63(6th)
Jan 10th   RedWave  -  Picks #53(5th) and #85(7th)  for  Scrubs  -  T.Hunter RP and B.Logan RP
Jan 10th   Scrubs  -  A.Reed RP  for  Lizard Lickers  -  Pick #76(7th) 
Jan 9th     Crush  -  Pick #40  for  Lizard Lickers  -  J.Peavy SP
Jan 8th     Crush  -  Pick #4(1st)  for  Misfits  -  B.McCarthy SP and A.Beltre 3B
Jan 7th     Crush  -  Picks #13(1st) and #50(4th)  for  Trucks  -  M.Kemp OF and pick #40(4th)
Jan 6th     Marlins  -  Picks #4(1st) and #78(7th)  for  Crush  -  T.Frazier 3B, J.Ruggiono OF, M.Morse OF and H.Bailey SP
Jan 2nd    Tggers  -  Picks #28(3rd) and #58(5th)  for  Lizard Lickers  -  Pick #25(3rd)
Dec 31st   Pond Scum  -  A.Wainwright P,  M.Cabrera OF and C.Gentry OF   for  
                 Misfits  -  J.Heyward OF, S.Romo RP and picks #9(1st), #83(7th)
Dec 22nd  Crush  -  C.Hammels P  for  Bombers  -  J.Hamilton OF and pick #29
Dec 18th   Misfits  -  S.Miller P and pick #60(5th)  for  Pond Scum  -  J.Collmenter P and pick #70(6th)
Dec 16th   RedWave  -  Pick #19(2nd)  for  Pond Scum  -  C.Utley 2B and pick #85(7th)
Nov 26th   Scrubs  -  M. Morse 1B and picks #32(3rd), #68(6th) and #88(7th)  for 
                 Crush  -  D. Smyly SP, E. O'Flaherty RP and picks #30(3rd) and #82(7th) 
Nov 25th   Misfits  -  pick #23(2nd)  for  Trucks  -  picks #37(3rd) and #79(7th)
Nov 21st   Trucks  -  Bud Norris P  for  RedWave  -  pick #37(3rd)
Nov 18th   RedWave  -  E. Encarnacion 1B  for  Lizard Lickers  -  A. Ramirez SS and pick #53(5th)
Nov 16th   Angels  -  P. Alvarez 3B  for  Bombers - pick #44(4th)
Nov 6th     Bombers  -  N. Punto inf,  H. Bailey SP,  F. Rodney RP and picks #8(1st), #21(2nd) and #82(7th)  for 
                 Crush  -  F. Hernandez SP,  C. Carter 1B,  C. Ruiz C and Y. Escobar SS
Nov 3rd    Trucks  -  R. Porcello SP,  M. Holliday of and pick #19(2nd)  for  RedWave  -  pick #3(1st) and pick #40(4th)
Oct 20th   Crush  -  D. Wright 3B  for  Pond Scum  -  T. Hudson P
Oct 15th   Tggers  -  B. Revere OF and R. Cook RP  for  RedWave  -  J. Mercer SS and pick #17(2nd)
Proposed offers and players up for trade
Open Offers:
RedWave -    Angel Pagan OF-2  is up for offers..... call or e-mail (1/15/15)

HB Lizard Lickers offers up players; Blake Beavan SP, Josh Roenike OF, Scott Downs RP, Brandon Morrow SP  (11/01/14)

APBA cards have been received, Jan 9th, and ready for handing out to team Owners.
To receive your team before the draft, (and on draft day), make a check out to Rich for the league fee's.
Contact Dave and work out a meeting spot. (Dave only takes checks in Rich's name)
Cash to Rich on Draft Day is acceptable.
YOU CANNOT DRAFT UNLESS YOUR LEAGUE FEE'S HAVE BEEN PAID  -  no exceptions, (unless Rich says so).