Southern California APBA Baseball League
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2018 Rule Proposal page
 (All the Rule proposals worthy to print)

All league rule proposals must be in writing and emailed to 
Rule proposal period ends Oct 31st
 League changes;
1. Rule 63 currently provides, "that in the event of two or more teams tied for the wildcard slot, a 3 game playoff determines who advances."

The proposed change instead of a 3 game series, is a 1 game, win or go home, play off.

Good enough for MLB, good enough for SCBL. 

Glen M -- Santa Ana Scrubs  --  Not Passed
2.  I believe that a participating membership, makes for a healthier league. So I propose the follow leadership changes,
      to encourage membership participation, hopefully resulting in a more valued membership within the league from its members.
     These may be voted on as a group or individually,

Commissioner:  --  Fail

The Commissioner's tenure will be 3 years, and then rotated to the next Commissioner in line.
All Commissioner prospects will be approved by a Majority vote from the rest of the League Members.
Any League Member may be nominated or volunteer to join the Commissioner's rotation.
Vice Commissioner:  --  Fail
The Vice Commissioner shall rotate thru all League members not in the Commissioner's rotation or in the Rules committee, on a yearly basis.
Any League Member may pass in his appointed year, and the next in-line member that is willing to take the Vice Commissioner's duties, will be appointed.
Rules Committee:  --  Fail
3 league members will make up the committee.
The committee will vote on each rule proposal submitted for the upcoming year, to determine if the rule proposal is appropriate/meaningful for the SCBL
and then forward the accepted proposals to the rules meeting for league approval or dismissal by a proper vote by all league members under league rules.
All Committee Members must be approved by a majority vote from the remaining members.
Any League Member not in the Commissioner's rotation or acting Vice Commissioner may volunteer for the Rules committee.

Trading Director: --  Succeded

Receives trade confirmations from league managers, verifies and reports successful trades to the Web site Manager for publication.
The trading Director will keep records of all trades for 2 years, in case of any disputes that may arise.
Any League Member not in the Commissioner's rotation or acting Vice Commissioner or on the Rules committee, may volunteer for the position of Trading Director.
If more than 1 member volunteers, a vote from the remaining members will be held, with a simple vote tally, as the winner.

Web site Manager: --  Fail

Keeps the website up to date with the on-goings of the league.
Any League Member, (fool enough), may be the Web site manager.

Event Coordinator: --  Fail

Confers with the Commissioner and Vice Commissioner in arranging league meeting places and dates.
Any League Member may be the Event Coordinator.

Stats Manager:  --  Fail

Will take the monthly team stats sent in each month and submit a comprehensive monthly report to the Web site Manager for publication.
He will compile the Year end MVP voting ballot and tabulate the results, also MVP's of the Month and submit them to the Commissioner for a final decision.
Any League Member may be the Stats Manager.
dave h. --  tggers hb
 Playing Boards;
1.  This is taking into account all base situations and the error numbers 15, 16 and 17.
Currently, with runners on base, a "2" Outfielder has a much better play result than a "3" outfielder in 5 situations,
while a "3" is much better than a "2" in only 4 situations.
To correct this, switch the following play results between the "2" and "3" outfielders:
17 with a Runner on 3rd
15 with runners on 1st and 2nd

This would still allow situations where the "2" has a better result, but the overall situations would favor the "3" in 6 of 9 situations.

Putting a "3" outfielder into your lineup to improve your defense should be a good move, not a detriment.

Mike M.  -- FV Pond Scum   --   Passed
2.  All 1st column 6's and 2's, on all cards whether single or double column cards, be treated as though it were a single column result.

For example, a double column card with a 6 in the first column on 11 with runner on 3rd will be a home run not change to a #5 - Double.
A first column 2 with runners on 1st and 2nd will be a home run and not change to #5 - Triple.

Mike D. -- MC Trucks  --  Not Passed
3.  Rule about 15,16,17 bases empty only.
to avoid playing APBA Ball
For Bases Empty only, a roll of 15,16,17 - re-roll for the following result number
1-2 = 15
3-4 = 16
5-6 = 17
Mike D
. -- MC Trucks  --  Not Passed
4. Change play result 1 with Runners on 2nd and 3rd  to  Bases Empty, (V Pitchers Use #6).

To earn a "V", pitchers must have given up little or no homers in a season. In SCBL,
"V" pitchers still give up a significant number of HRs, much more than expected even with all star teams.
Mike M. -- FV Pond Scum  --  Passed
5.  Replace the Pitching chart for Consecutive Scoreless Innings from the Start of the Game  back to the original APBA chart;

       D       C-/C      B-/B        A-
       5inn     6            7            8
dave h. --  tggers hb--  Passed
6.   Proposed Change: Bases Empty, rolls 15, 16 and 17 (all OF-3) Single, batter out trying for second (Sp F+ #18, 19, 20, safe at 2nd)
John M  --  LC Marlins   --  Not Passed
7. Change PRN#12 with runners on 1st and 2nd to;
F.C., runner out at 2nd, other to 3rd, A-SS PO-2B,  (SS 9-10 and 2B 8-9); Double play, 6-4-3
Bill C  --  Apple Valley Rattlers  --  Passed

Player Usage;
1.  Use the Batters faced fatigue number that APBA gives the Starters.
      a. If the Starter is not inline for a grade increase due to Consecutive Scoreless Innings from the Start of the Game,
           the inning after he reaches his Batters faced fatigue number, he will drop 1 grade,
           and continue to drop 1 grade for each additional inning started. No Pitcher may drop below a "D".
        b. If the Starter does receive the grade increase due to Consecutive Scoreless Innings from the Start of the Game,
           and then gives up a run, all reductions are accumulative and will be applied immediately.  
dave h. --  tggers hb  --  Not Passed

2.   C*/C-*  relievers are subject to all pitching reductions afforded other relievers.
 dave h. --  tggers hb  --  Not Passed
3.   Replacement of the Starting Pitcher.
If at any time the Starter gives up 6 runs or more and reaches his Batters faced fatigue number,
he must be replaced before the start of the next inning.
dave h. --  tggers hb  --  Not Passed

4. the Devenski Rule
Playoff usage for Split Grade Pitchers
Any split grade pitcher - use the following J-rating for playoff purposes
J-4  =  any Split Grade pitcher with 1-10 starts in the SCBL
J-3  =  any Split Grade pitcher with 10+ starts in the SCBL
Mike D --  MC Trucks  --  Passed
5. In the Playoffs, a starting pitcher may now be pulled any time after the 4th inning no matter the score (Instead of the 5th).
Bill C  --  Apple Valley Rattlers  --  Passed
6. In the event that a player is illegally used during the playoffs (i.e. pitcher pitching in to many games in a row, pitching past their inning limit,
position player being used in to many games, etc.), the game is to be replayed from the point of infraction. 
Fine points are to be assessed to the offending manager as prescribed elsewhere in the rules.(Rule #80)
Steve R  --  A Misfits  --  Discussed
Add -   The team that had the infraction goes to the other manager’s place for a replay.
Gary S  --  HB Lizard Lickers  -- Not Discussed
7. Any non-Pitcher may be atbat when a Hit-and-Run is called, (any number of 31's on their card)
Bruce M  --  T. Tornados  --  Passed

NONE  --  Passed up