Southern California APBA Baseball League
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          2022 League Champs:  Torrance Bombers                                                                    2022 Manager of the year: XXXX                                                          COO Rich (909) 621-2195


2019 rule change proposals
(10 votes minimum to pass)
League Rules
A.  Vote to expand and bring in a new Manager, for a total of 16 teams. --  Rich, Sultans  Pass, (unanimous)
1.  Adopt a 4 division system. Each Division will play their own division opponents two times and the teams from  two of the other three divisions once, for a total of 14 series per season.  --  Rich, Sultans .Pass, (unanimous)
2a.   If Rich's 4 division rule passes, I suggest these Divisions, based on new team locations.  --  Gary, Lizard Lickers   Pass, (14 votes)
Division 1 Division 2 Division 3 Division 4
Lizard Lickers Angels Marlins
Bombers Pond Scum Fire Frogs Sharks
Storm tggers Barracudas
Sultans Tornados Scrubs Rattlers

2b.   An alternate Division proposal, a balanced divisional set-up  --  Mike, Pond Scum
Angels Bombers Rattlers Fire Frogs
Barracudas Storm Scrubs Marlins
Lizard Lickers Sultans Sharks Silver Streak
Pond Scum Trucks Tornados tggers

2c.   I suggest these Divisions, based on team locations,  --  Bill, Rattlers
Division 1 Division 2 Division 3 Division 4
Barracudas Lizard Lickers Angels Marlins
Bombers Pond Scum Fire Frogs Rattlers
Sharks tggers Scrubs SilverStreak
Trucks Tornados Storm Sultans

3.   Lets go six more games to a total of 90 games in a season and play all teams one time, (appropriate % increases to cover the additional games) ..discussion.  --  Bill, Rattlers.   
4.   Playoffs format 4 divisions.   --  Mike, Pond Scum  Pass, (unanimous)
               All 4 Division Winners (Seeds 1-4) and 2 Wild Cards (Seeds 5&6) Qualify for Playoffs  
                Seeding 1-4 and 5-6 is based on W/L % with respect to SCBL Tiebreakers
                               Playoffs Round 1
                                               Top 2 Divison Winners (Seed 1 and  2, DW) with Best Record get a First Round Bye
                                                Seed 3 DW plays Wild Card Seed 6, Seed 4 DW Plays Wild Card Seed 5
                                Playoffs Round 2
                                                Seed 1 DW plays lowest Seed Remaining
                                                Seed 2 DW plays 2nd lowest Seed Remaining
                                Champioship Series
                                                Winners of Round 2 Play for Championship
5.  All visiting SCBL teams must roll their dice on the same surface as the hosting team and the hosting team must provide one set of dice to be used by both teams for the entire series.  --  John, Marlins.
           RE:    No major league baseball team brings their own game baseballs or stadium on the road with them. With that in mind....
Player Rules
1.  Discuss the roster size for a possible increase by 1 due to the lack of "starts" per pitcher in MLB as most teams in MLB rotate 8 or 9 starters over the course of the season OR,
          since we cant,  how about increasing the percentage of starts instead? discussion to modify before the vote.  --  Bill, Rattlers
2.  Adopt the APBA basic game pitchers fatigue rule without the variation option.  Drop the minimum inning requirement for starting pitchers. --  Steve, Fire Frogs  Pass, (13 votes)
          RE:  With more teams going to "openers" we will see more pitchers with a starting grade that really only pitched for the first inning.

3.  Allow relievers to start once per season. --  Steve, Fire Frogs
          They must still follow all the rules for relief pitchers (i.e. Grade drops after 2 innings of work, must use relief pitchers hitting card, etc).
          RE:  This would avoid having to carry an extra starter for just one start.  This also would copy the MLB's use of a bullpen game, but still keep it limited.
4.   Relief Pitchers; eliminate the 3 games in a row limitation. Replace it with, Any Relief pitcher that goes more than 1 inning in a game, has the option for the next game to sit,
             or lose 1 grade per game pitched, until he rests 1 game, then be restored to his original base grade.  --  Dave, tggers hb
5.  If any player gets a player position of DH only, for our league, he will be rated as a 1B-2, since we do not use a DH.  --  Bill, Rattlers  Pass, (13 votes)
6.  Change the Stolen Base Chart, and the frequency of Stolen bases to a more realistic, APBA based system.   --  dave, tggers  Pass,  (10 votes)

                                   A + B Base stealers = Can steal anytime,(Grade A), + Hit and Run

                                   C + D Base stealers = Can steal anytime, ahead by 1, tied, behind by 1 (Grade B) + Hit and Run

                                   E, F, G, R, N = Hit and Run only (Grade HR)

                   A and B stealers = 24 and Higher (14 - 34) Did not get a Straight steal # for Hit and Run F = 35, Med = 46, S = 61

                   C and D stealers = 24 and higher (15 - 35), Did not get a Straight steal # for Hit and Run F = 36, Med = 51, S = 62,

                   E, F, G, R, N = Hit and Run only, F = 41, Med = 52, S = 63

                                   Marked as, on the card; A22, or B24, or HR52 printedin the upper right quadrant as in years past.
Board Changes
1.    The V rule is too strong.. Simply eliminate it with bases empty and nobody out,  would satisfy me.  Open discussion to modify,  before a vote.  --  Bill, Rattlers
2.   The PRN#41 injury rule was supposed to have been, "unless that player is an Iron man at the time of the injury then rest of game only also pitchers playing or pinch running should also be game only".  --  Bill, Rattlers  Pass, (11 votes)
3.   Change PRN#41 injuries back to, "ROG"  --  Charlie, Bombers
4.   Bases Empty board.  Change play result number, (PRN), 0 to a 7 vs A&B pitchers.   --  Steve, Fire Frogs  Pass, (10 votes)
           RE:  This would give a little more control to A&B pitchers and imitate the master game ratings for pitchers graded above 25.
5.   Man on 1st; PRN#2, Hit and Run, change to Triple, runner on 1st scores  --  Bill, Rattlers
6.   Eliminate Rule #25 , the Homerun Allowence letters and Re-instate the old A&C and A&B chart  --  Charlie, Bombers
DieRoll A&C



1 6
7 7 7
2 6
7 7 7
3 6
7 7 7
4 1 6
7 7 7
5 1 6
1 5 6
6 1 6
1 5 6