Southern California APBA Baseball League
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          2022 League Champs:  Torrance Bombers                                                                    2022 Manager of the year: Charlie O, Bombers                                                          COO Rich (909) 621-2195


2020 Rule proposal page

1.  Passed  Rounds 1 & 2 of the playoffs should be completed by 10/21. The championship should be completed before the annual rules meeting in November.  -  Fire Frogs 
              (not to take effect until next season.) Reasoning behind the rule; is that we have deadlines set up for play all year, why do the playoffs get open ended play?

2.   Continue voting for Manager of the year but... lets get rid of MVP and positional player voting... who cares?  -  Rattlers
                                                       Reasoning; Please no more stats to look at from the last season, aren't the September stats enough? 

3.   Rule 3;    We are behind the times, APBA has gone to 30 players per team and The SCBL should follow.  -  The Rattlers
                                                       Explination: No more redraft list.. Build your team your way and be able to manage without too many restraints. Also allows 80 players to return to the draft pool.

Board Change

4. Passed   Make the play result 38, bases empty board,  a walk for a "W" pitcher ..currently has no use for the result with our H & L Designations  -  Rattlers
                                                                              Reasoning;  The W is to weak, needs to be increased in severity. The #38 is a limited, rare, number and would not be overkill.   

5.  NO Starting Pitcher injuries or ejections before the 5th inning. (Unless we make the active roster 1 player more, and the redraft 1 player less.)  -  Rattlers
                                                                              Reasoning; With the new Fatigue rule, we are using more relief innings than ever before. We don't need another reason to use relief innings
                                                                                                  or we keep the in game injuries and increase our active rooster by 1, and still only control 35 players total 

6.  Rule #25 to:  a. Bases empty - V pitchers - reroll 1 die, 1&2 = #1-Homerun3-6 = #6-Double.   -  Bombers
                           b. Runner on Ist - V pitchers - reroll 1 die, 1&2 = #1-Homerun, 3-6 = #6-Double.
                           c. Runner on 2nd - V pitchers - reroll 1 die, 1&2 = #1-Homerun, 3-6 = #6-Double.
                                                          G pitchers - reroll 1 die, 1&2 = #1-Homerun, 3-6 = #6-Double.
                           d. Runner on 1st & 3rd - G pitchers - reroll 1 die, 1&2 = #1-Homerun, 3-6 = #6-Double. 
                                                                            Reasoning;  Big time home run hitters like Alonso, Suarez, Soler, Bellinger, Trout, Yelich, Cruz, etc. should always have some chance to hit a home run with a 1 on
                                                                                                their card. In fact any hitter should have some chance to hit a homerun, when a 1 result is rolled on a card.
Player use change

7.  Rule 27a to:  A Starting pitcher will drop will drop 1 whole grade for every inning started beyond his Batters Faced Fatigue number once he has allowed 2 runs.  -  Pond Scum
                                                                            Example:  A pitcher pitches scoreless innings and advances to an A grade in the 9th inning. If he gives up 1 run, he remains an A for that inning. 
                                                                                             If he allows 2 runs in the 9th, he immediately drops a grade for every inning pitched beyond his fatigue rating.
                                                                             Argument: A pitcher who pitches 8 1/3 scoreless innings and is an A, should not drop to a C or D by giving up just 1 run. 
                                                                                              Giving up 2 runs seems to be a better indication of real fatigue for the pitcher.

8.  Reduce our active roster by 1 player to the count of 27 plus 7 reserves totaling 34 players under our control.        -  Fire Frogs
          This rule would take effect this year. No change to the number of draft picks, you would just need to be at roster limits by the deadline.
                                                                            Reasoning: With our league expanded to 16 teams, this will make more players available for the draft in the future and promote a more equal distribution of talent. 
9.  Include Master Game steal allowance letter E's to qualify for a better Hit and Run, steal numbers 23 to 34. Instead of just F, med and S.  -  tggers
                                                      Reasoning: This would bridge a gap between those with Steal capabilities and those that almost made, but just missed a Steal letter.
10. Passed   Add the following to Rule #57: If a Playoff Series lasts less than 7 games, then the unplayed games will count as rest days for the pitching rotation of the team that advances. - Pond Scum
                                                     Example - If Team A defeats Team B in 6 games, then the pitcher who started Game 6 can start the 2nd game of the next series for Team A, 
                                                                                           (Game 7 day off + day off between series + Game #1 off in the new series = 3 days off between starts).


11.  Realignment of the divisions  -  Bombers  (Will be revisited after the current 3 year cycle is over)

Option 1 Scully Garagiola Enberg Harwell

Bombers Pond Scum Sharks Scrubs

Storm tggers Marlins Angels

Barracudas Sultans Rattlers Trucks

Fire Frogs Lizard Lickers Silver Streak Wildlings

2 Scully Garagiola Enberg Harwell

Bombers Fire Frogs Sharks Scrubs

Storm tggers Marlins Angels

Barracudas Wildings Rattlers Trucks

Pond Scum Sultans Silver Streak Lizard Lickers

3 Scully Garagiola Enberg Harwell

Bombers Fire Frogs Sharks Scrubs

Storm Sultans Marlins Angels

Barracudas Wildlings Rattlers Trucks

tggers Lizard Lickers Silver Streak Pond Scum

4 Scully Garagiola Enberg Harwell

Bombers Fire Frogs Sharks Scrubs

Storm Pond Scum Marlins Angels

Barracudas Trucks Rattlers tggers

Lizard Lickers Wildlings Silver Streak Sultans

5 Scully Garagiola Enberg Harwell

Bombers Fire Frogs Sharks Scrubs

Storm Pond Scum Marlins Lizard Lickers

Barracudas tggers Rattlers Wildings

Angels Trucks Silver Streak Sultans

6 Scully Garagiola Enberg Harwell

Bombers Fire Frogs Sharks Lizard Lickers

Storm Trucks Marlins Angels

Barracudas tggers Rattlers Pond Scum

Scrubs Wildlings Silver Streaks Sultans

                        Reasoning:  I feel the division setups are not fair. Before the divisions were set up by geography were people lived. The closet people to each other were in that division. I feel also

                                            the divisions are now setup by who are friends. This is wrong. I should not have two people in my division that live 48.3 miles & 50.3 miles from my house.

                                            When I look at miles from my house John Clingan lives way up north from everyone. The closet person to him is me. The following is a list of managers and miles from my house.

                                                     16.3 miles Jon Briggs - Barracudas

                                                     25.1 miles Steve Radtke (CHURCH) - Fire Frogs

                                                     29.3 miles Mike Montijo - Pond Scum

                                                     30.5 miles Dave Hachten - tggers

                                                     30.7 miles Gary Stuart - Lizard Lickers

                                                     32.2 miles Martin Young (work) - Angels

                                                     40.5 miles Glenn Mondo - Scrubs

                                                     48.3 miles Mike Davis - Trucks

                                                     50.3 miles Rich Hottel - Sultans

                                                     50.8 miles Bill Cheeks - Rattlers

                                                     53.3 miles Dan Velderrain - Sharks

                                                     54.2 miles Ed Meek - Silver Streak

                                                     62.6 miles John Mates - Marlins

                                                     1,408 miles Bruce Marchionda - Tornadoes - Bruce can be put in any division

                                              My division should be

                                                       1. Bombers

                                                       2. Storm

                                                       3. Barracudas

                                              And a fourth team; which should be the Fire Frogs, Pond Scum, tggers, Lizard Lickers, Angels or Scrubs. Any other team is to far from my home. I'm not trying to get an advantage by

                                              my division having weak teams in it. That's why I'm willing to have the Pond Scum or Scrubs or other strong teams in my division.

                                              I think the Enberg Division is perfect the way it is and should stay that way. I would be happy with any of the 6 options listed above.

                                              I would be willing if any of these options pass, that it goes into effect next season, if people prefer.

                                              I think it is only fair that I drive as far to play my division as someone in other divisions when many manages live much closer to me.