Southern California APBA Baseball League
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          2023 League Champs:  Mission Viejo Trucks                                                                    2023 Manager of the year: ????                                                                   COO Rich (909) 621-2195


the 2022 tourny has been postponed
Due to the ongoing Virus threat, and
in keeping with the health concerns of our participants
Always play safe.
Steve Radtke for tournament Registration and inquiries
At the
Parking in the rear
Tournament Rules;

  1. Any regular season APBA MLB Baseball stock team from 1904 to present where at least 152 or more games were played league wide is eligible. No strike shortened seasons, or special issue teams, GTOP/BATS etc.

  2. Only one team per tournament. There will be no duplicate teams (i.e. only one 1927 Yankee team allowed). First person to send in their team choice and$40.00 fee/deposit, reserves that team for the tournament.

  3. No prior winning teams of the Southern California APBA Tournament are allowed. (2019: 1930 Philadelphia A's, 2020: 2017 Dodgers)

  4. Rosters will be limited to 20 regular cards. No XB or XC versions allowed in the tournament. Your starting lineup must consist of players with an injury rating of J-3 or BETTER. A Team Roster is required at the time of registration. (Include Names, Positions, defense, pitching grades, Starting Rotation and J-ratings). You can download a Team Rooster sheet here

  5. Tournament play will consist of division play plus playoffs. Divisions will consist of a maximum of 10 teams. Each team will play a minimum of 7 games within their division, (all based on how many teams per division). Home team will be by highest APBA dice roll, Go 66.. (Yes, by unlucky APBA dice rolls, you could play every game as a visitor). The team with the best record in each division will advance to the playoffs. Tie breakers will be head to head record, most runs scored, and finally by the best run differential.

    1. Playoffs begins immediately after lunch. Playoffs will be a best of three series. Rotation picks up where you left off in divisional play.

    2. Finals will be best of 3. This will be the only time that you get to reset your rotation.

  6. Each team will assign a 3-man rotation. To be part of the rotation, a pitcher must have started at least 20 games during that season for which he was carded. Each pitcher must pitch when their spot in the rotation comes up. i.e. the first man in the rotation pitches game 1, second will pitch game 2, the third pitches game 3, then you start over at pitcher one for game 4, etc

  7. Bull pen innings for each game will be based on that pitchers J rating. A J-0 can pitch up to 2 innings per game, a J-1 and J-2, get 1 inning, a J-3 gets three batters, and a J-4 gets two batters per game in division play. If during any situation where you run out of Relievers for a game, you may use Johnny Jones a D*W pitcher for the rest of the game.

  8. Starting Pitchers as relievers; If from your stock team you want to include a Starting Pitcher, (not in your current 3-man rotation), as a reliever, you may do so. That Pitcher may not start any game and their J-rating will determine how long they can relief pitch per game.

  9. J-4 fielders may not start a game. J-4 fielders will be allowed as defensive replacements in the 7th inning or later, or as a Pinch Hitter or Pinch runner. Before the 7th inning a J-4, Pinch Hitter or Pinch Runner, may not stay in the game past the conclusion of their current At-Bat or as a Runner if they reach base safely, get tossed out on the base paths or the 3rd out in the inning occurs.

  10. The APBA Basic game rule book will be used. Advanced fielding will be in effect for the tournament. (There are no Board injuries), No other modifications or add-ons will be in effect. There will be Basic Game ALL-Boards at each game play station, provided for you. These Basic Game ALL-Boards will be used throughout the Tournament, to insure continuity.

  11. Dice must be “rolled” from either a round dice shaker or a dice rolling tower. Bring your lucky shaker. Dice will be provided at the Tournament check in. (Tournament dice only).

  12. No oblong Backgammon dice cups, please.

  13. In the event of a regulation game being tied, in the 10th and 11th innings the last out from the last inning will be placed on 2nd base as the team at-bat, starts the inning, and each team will employ Johnny Jones a D*W as their relief pitcher who will stay in the game until its conclusion and cannot be replaced. If by the 12th inning, no winner has been determined, then each team at bat will start every inning with the bases loaded. If the game is still tied at the end of 14 innings of play, each team will be credited with œ a win and œ a loss.

  14. No electronic scoring will be used during the tournament. ALL official scoring will be done on Score Sheets. Score sheets will be provided, or you can bring your own. All Score sheets will be turned in to the Tournament Officials after each game but may be given back to the participants after the Tournament is over.  Print your own score sheets here

  15. A Designated Hitter, (DH), will be used throughout the tournament. No Pitcher may hit, or Pinch hit.

  16. Tournament check in will begin at 7:am the day of the tournament.All players must have their first 9 cards in the team pack as their starting lineup. The next three cards will be their starting rotation. The remaining 8 will be the bench and bullpen.

  17. Lunch will be provided for all participants. Cold soda and water will be available.

  18. Coffee, water, and tea will be available all day long.

  19. Welcome and introduction will begin promptly at 7:45 am with Tournament rolling to begin by 8 am.

  20. Any questions or concerns about any roll result or player usage will be “ruled” upon by a tournament official. All tournament official rulings are final. 

Teams in the 2021 Tournament

1911 New York Giants
1911 Philadelphia A's
1929 Philadelphia A's
1954 New York Giants
1984 Detroit Tigers

1984 San Diego Padres

1985 Los Angels Dodgers

1990 Cincinnati Reds
1990 Oakland A's
1995 Cleveland Indians
1995 Los Angeles Dodgers
1998 Atlanta Braves
2015 Totonto Blue Jays
2019 Houston Astros