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          2022 League Champs:  Torrance Bombers                                                                    2022 Manager of the year: XXXX                                                          COO Rich (909) 621-2195


      Santa Ana Scrubs 

               2016 SCBL Champs, 2016 Manager of the Year
               2014 SCBL Champs, 2014 Manager of the Year

               Manager: Glenn M.

        2017 Schedule and Results: 
Mar tggers 3-3

Misfits 2-4
Apr Bombers 3-3

May Barracudas 3-3

Sharks 5-1
Jun RedWave 4-2

Lizard Lickers 2-4

Trucks 4-2
July Angels 4-2

Rattlers 1-5
Aug Tornados 4-2

Sultans 5-1
Sept Marlins 2-4

Pond Scum 2-4

Team Rankings

.247 .312 .435 4.39

11th 7th 8th 8th

Record:    44-40

Sept Opponents:    Marlins  2-4

                             @  Pond Scum  2-4                      

Scrubbie Journal
July 14th
Game 1 - Life-time Scrubbie Jose Fernandez responds to the situation with a 3 hit complete game shut-out; Scrubs win 4-0.
Game 2 - If the Scrubs miss the play-offs by two games, this is the other one they will spend reliving in their winter nightmares. Leading 4-2 in the 8th, Lester gives up a 2 run HR to tie the game. Scrub batters are 1 for 9 (a single) in the 8th, 9th and 10th innings; Trumbo hits a 2 run HR off Andrew Miller in the 10th for a 6-4 RedWave win.
Game 3 - That sucking noise you heard Friday about 6 pm? That was the Scrubs losing game 3 by a score of 7-2, while the team's play-off hopes were circling the drain. RedWave lead series 2 games to 1 with three to play. 
Game 4 - Scrubs get HR's by four different players to win 7-5. The stadium organist plays "Stayin' Alive" while Miller pitches the 9th for the save.
Game 5 - Are you kidding me? The Scrubs build a five run lead but the RedWave score 4 in the 6th and 1 in the 7th to tie the game. Nobody scores in the 8th. Or the 9th. Or the 10th. Or the 11th. At this point the Scrubs are relying on their no. 6 reliever, having gone through everybody with an A or a Z. If the Scrubs make the playoffs by a game, this is the one their fans will talk about all winter. And in classic Scrubbie form, they break the game open in the 12th with a walk, a single and balk for the lead. The RedWave's AXYLG reliever is so rattled by this call he gives up a double to the next batter, another walk and another double - Scrubs win 9-5 in 12 innings. 
Game 6 - A win would keep Scrubbie hopes alive, a loss and the scrubs lose ground and are likely out of the playoffs. The Scrubs hand the ball to their ace Jon Lester. Scrub batters jump on Ervin Santana for seven runs in the first two innings, and Lester pitches complete game, facing only 29 batters - two over the minimum - as he pitches a one-hit shut-out. The only hit, a single in the 6th, was immediately followed by a double-play. Scrubs win game 7-0, and the series 4 games to 2. 
Scrubs are now 36-30 with 18 games to play. Next up are the Angels Sunday at 10:00 am, followed by the Marlins on 27th. The Scrub's season will end against the Scum on a date TBD. On the positive side, Scrub fans are looking forward to a final series that may determine who is in the playoffs. On the negative side, it is starting to look like the only relievers the Scrubs will have left available will be wild or a C- and Derek Norris and Travis Wood (both of whom strike out on 25) may be batting in the heart of the lineup. 
Go Scrubs!
July 11th
After an ugly first half, the Scrubbies have found their groove. For the second straight series they take 5 of 6 - this time from the Sultans. It could easily have been a sweep; in the one loss the Scrubs blew a 7-1 lead giving up 3 runs in the 7th, 3 more in the 8th and losing on a 2 run walk-off HR. Scrubbies now at 32-28 with 24 games to play v. Marlins, Angels, RedWave and
Pond Scum.
Game 1 - Carlos Carrasco pitches a complete game giving up just 1 run. Scrubs win easily 7-1.
Game 2 - If the Scrubs miss the play-offs by a single game, this is the one they'll remember all winter. Leading 7-1 going into the bottom of the 7th, Lester gives up a 3-run HR after striking out the first two batters in the inning. In the bottom of the 8th Iglesias gives up 3 more runs to tie the game on two more HR's. And in the bottom of the 9th Harris gives up a two-run walk-off HR. Scrubs lose 9-7.
Game 3 - Sultans take an early 3-1 lead, but Scrubs come back led by Joc Pederson's 2 HR's and 3 RBI's. Showing the right stuff, Harris comes back after yesterday's disaster to save the 5-4 victory for the Scrubs. 
Game 4 - Sultans lead early 2-0, Scrubs tie it in the 5th. No other scoring until a walk-off double in the bottom of the 9th; Scrubs win 3-2.
Game 5 - The Scrubs start to believe the play-offs are a faint possibility as spot starter Mike Montgomery pitches a complete game 8-1 victory.

Game 6 - The Scrub's pitching comes through again as spot starter Raisel Iglesias and the bullpen combine to pitch a 3-hitter; Scrubs win 4-1 with the big hit being a 2 run HR by Pederson. 
In one wild week the Scrubs went from 22-26 to 32-28. Unfortunately, the leaders the Scrubs are chasing were also hot. The Sharks took 5 from the Sultans, the Scum 5 from the Misfits, and the Lizards 4 from the Marlins. Then the RedWave arrived at the friendly confines Friday night. A big series by the Scrubs (5 or 6 wins) would actually put them in the hunt for a playoff spot. A poor series (3 wins or less) and the Scrubs would lose ground and likely be out of it. What about 4 wins? That would leave the Scrubs in limbo - not out of it but still a long-shot with a few key players and relievers on the verge of exhaustion. So what happened? Tune in next week on the same Scrub channel, same Scrub time to find out.
July 3rd
On the afternoon of July 3, the Scrubs were 4 games under .500. By dinnertime on July 9 they were 4 games over .500, close on the tail of the Lizards (although as any pessimistic Scrubs fan can tell you, when you try to catch a lizard by the tail, the tail usually falls off and you watch the lizard skitter away from you). 
Have the Scrubs actually climbed back into the play-off chase? Or are the team's recent heroics too little, too late? And who am I to judge? How did I get here? Inquiring minds - well, Dave's at least - want to know. As usual, there is no charge for the latest, and most exciting, edition of the Scrubbies' report.
Scrubs over Sharks 5 games to 1
Game 1 - the Scrubs flex their muscles and win 8-2 led by two 2-run HR's by Charlie Blackmon.
Game 2 - Shark lead-off hitter Jason Kipness doubles to lead off the game, and scores following 2 walks and a fielder's choice. Then the Scrub's pitching goes into lock-down mode giving up just 5 singles the rest of the game. HR's by Grichuk and Pence account for the 3-1 Scrub win.
Game 3 - Three two-run HR's by Carpenter, Machado and Grichuk supply all the runs in a 6-3 Scrub win.
Game 4 - Revenge of the Sharks as 4 solo shots lead to a 5-2 Shark victory.
Game 5 - Scrubs take a 4-2 lead into the 8th. What at first looks like a two-run shot by McCutcheon to tie the game is ruled a double (Harris has a G). Andrew Miller comes in to seal the deal in the 9th and strikes out the side to preserve a 4-3 win for the Scrubs.
Game 6 - Trailing 2-0 going into the bottom of the 8th, Scrubs get two doubles and a single tie the score. Miller again strikes out the side in the 9th, and a pinch-hit double by Alex Bregman in the bottom of the 9th wins it for the Scrubs 3-2. 

continued below;

Scrub Nation Reports

2017 Draft

15 Sandy Leon# C
33 Alex Bregman 3B
55 Mike Montgomery* B/A-*
73 Blake Snell* B-
95 Robinson Chirinos C
110 Matt Andriese C-
113 Michael Lorenzen B*

Team Roster

Name Age Lg G SP St C 1B 2B 3B SS OF
Sandy Leon# 27 42 78 S 63 8+5

Robinson Chirinos 32 30 57 S 63 8-1

Jarrod Saltalamacchia# 31 48 92 S 63 7-2 2

Derek Norris 27 66 125
52 7-4 2

Hanley Ramirez 32 78 147

Joe Panik* 25 66 127


Matt Carpenter* 30 66 129 F 41
4 7 3

Manny Machado 23 84 157

5 8
Alex Bregman 22 24 49

6 3 7 1

Brandon Crawford* 29 84 155 F 41


Charlie Blackmon* 29 78 143 F 41

Joc Pederson* 24 72 137 F 41

Hunter Pence 33 54 106 F 41

Jayson Werth 37 78 143 F 41

Randal Grichuk 24 72 132 F 41


Age Grade Lst Lip

Jon Lester* 32 A 17

Jose Fernandez 23 B 16

Aaron Sanchez 23 B 16


Carlos Carrasco 29 B 14
X Z+

Blake Snell* 23 B- 11

Matt Andriese 26 C- 11 14 Y Z+


Andrew Miller* 31 A&C*
45 KXY Z+ L

Will Harris 31 A*
39 XY Z+

Mike Montgomery* 26 B/A-* 4 39 Y


Raisel Iglesias 26 B/A-* 3 30 X

Travis Wood* 29 B*


David Robertson 31 B*
38 XY W

Michael Lorenzen 24 B*
30 X Z L



Kyle Schwarber* PP nc1

Andrew Susac PP nc1

Gregory Bird* PP nc1

Carter Capps P nc1

A.J. Pollock PP nc1

Michael Wacha P STL

Drew Smyly* P TBR

Scrubbie Journal, cont.,
May 5th
20 wins, 22 losses. Out-homered 74-66. Staff ace Jon Lester 4-4 with 4.87 ERA. And that looks good compared to Jose Fernandez at 5.64 and Carlos Carrasco at 7.18. Andrew Miller? More blown saves than saves. Seven one-run losses. But still there was hope, and after a closed-door team meeting the Scrubs took the field to start the second half against the Lickers.

And the pitchers responded. Game 1, Sanchez throws a one-hitter through 6 innings and allows only a single run through seven. But the Scrubs score zero, and are shut out 6-0 after the bullpen gives up 4 runs on 4 hits in the 8th.

Game 2, Andriese moves up from a C- to a solid B before giving up a two out, two run homer late in the game. And the Scrub batters score a single unearned run, losing 2-1.

In game 3, Jose Fernandez having cleared his mind with a drink and a boat ride, pitches a one-hit shut out giving up only a single in the 6th. Scrub bats explode for 11-0 win.

Game 4 Jon Lester pitches a masterpiece, giving up only 1 run in 7 innings and the Scrub bullpen holds the line for a change. And the Scrubs lose 1-0 as the team's no. 1 through 4 batters go 0 for 15 against Conley (Cy). Scrubs have runners on 1st and 2nd in the 5th - a caught stealing and a DP end the inning. A lead-off double in the 6th is wasted when a sac bunt is popped up for a double play. And in the 8th, a two-out walk is followed by a 22 for extra bases to tie the game - NOT. Bregman rolls a second column 7 (one of only two on his card). Instead of a tie game, Scrubs go in the 9th against Conley 1-2-3 who moved up to an A - and the first two batters both get 9's that were outs.

Game 5 Scrubs explode for 3 runs on 5 hits - but give up 4 and lose by a run.

Game 6, Matt Andriese again pitches a great game, shutting the Lickers out for 7 innings before giving up 2 runs in the 8th. Scrubs win 6-2.

Lickers win series 4-2. In 3 of the losses, Scrub starters pitched 21 innings, gave up only 4 runs (1.71 ERA). Blame this series on the Scrubs lack of hitting.

Following the series, team management released a brief official statement which any true Scrubs fan is familiar with, "Wait til' next year!"
April 27th
The Scrubs traveled to play the 'Cudas, and neither team (both of which were playoff hopefuls in the preseason) did anything to increase their post-season odds. The Scrubs came back from early deficits in both games one and two, winning close games by scores of 4-2 and 3-2. In a bad omen, however, 3 of the 'Cudas 4 runs came on HR's. Then the floodgates opened. 'Cudas scored 12-4 and 7-2 victories in the next two games to even the series while hitting seven more HR's. After falling behind 4-0 in game 5, the scrubbies roared back to win 9-4.
All three of the Scrubs' hardcore fans began to get excited - just one more win and the Scrubs could finish the first half at .500. Not great, but good enough to keep playoff dreams alive. Instead, the Scrubs imploded. Before the 3rd inning was over, Jose Fernandez had given up 6 runs, and David Robertson gave up two more before the inning was over. Down 8-0, the Scrubs went meekly to lose 11-3 and split the series. Scrubs at 20-22 at the halfway point; 'Cudas only slightly better at 21-21. 
When last seen, Jose Fernandez was walking out the stadium saying he needed a drink and was going for a boat ride to clear his mind. (too soon?)                                                                           
April 23rd    *Please use care if reading near young children; this tale involves a great deal of ugliness.
Chapter 1: Snake bit!

Game 1: Srcubbies get two extra base hits - both by Charlie Blackmon to drive in two runs. Also 7 singles 4 walks but no other score as they strand 10 runners. But Scrubbies win 2-1 with a game just as pictured in spring training. Lester and Miller combine to hold Rattlers to 3 singles and 1 run. And then the Rattlers struck.

Game 2: Scrubs strand 11 runners, and leave the tying or go ahead run on base in five different innings. Rattlers win 5-3.

Game 3: Rattlers get hot, win blow out, an 11-2 game.

Game 4: Scrubs lead 3-1 and 5-2, but a 3 run HR in the 5th ties it. A pinch hit HR in the top of 7th gives Rattlers a 6-5 lead. Scrubs are retired 1-2-3 in the 7th, 8th and 9th. Rattlers win.

Game 5: Rattlers lead 6-2 in the 8th; Scrubs score 3 in the bottom of the 8th but can't get the tying run home from 2nd base. Scrubs go 1-2-3 in the 9th; Rattlers win another 6-5 game.

Game 6: Scrubs fight back from two runs down to tie it 2-2 going into the 8th. Rattlers get a 2 run HR to lead 4-2; Scrubs go down 1-2-3 in the 8th and 9th.

Chapter 2: Mutual assured destruction.

In a world series grudge rematch, both teams pull out all the stops. Benintendi, with only 18 games on the year, plays in five. Both teams use two starting pitchers in relief. The series ends in a 3-3 tie.

Game 1: Both teams combine for only 13 hits, but 10 runs are scored, including 4 HR's. Bombers win 6-4.

Game 2: Scrubs no-hit Bombers through 6 2/3, hang on to win 7-3 as both teams combine for 6 HR's.

Game 3: Bombers crush Scrubs 10-3. Another 3 balls leave the park.

Game 4: Scrubs hold Bombers to one single in 9 innings - good, right? No, Scrubs only have 4 singles in 9 innings, none in the same inning. Bombers get two more singles in the bottom of the 11th but don't score. In the top of 12th Scrubs get a walk, double and HR give the Scrubs a 3-0, 3-hit win.

Game 5: Scrubs trail 2-1, then tie the game. And then trail 3-2, and come back to tie the game. Bombers get another run in the bottom of 7th to lead 4-3. The Bombers then hit FOUR(4) FUCKING HR's in the 8th to win 7-3. All 7 Bomber runs come via 6 HR's; 2 of 3 Scrub runs also  on HR's.

Game 6: Scrubs jump out to a 6-0 lead through top of the 3rd hitting 3 HR's. Bombers start off the bottom of the inning with a double, two walks, a single, an error, another single, HBP and a sac fly. 6-5 after 3. Bombers hit a solo HR in the 4th to tie, and another solo HR in the 6th to take the lead. Scrubs put up 5 runs in the 7th on multiple errors and another HR to lead  11-7. And Bombers come back with another HR in the 7th, and another in the 8th to trail 11-10. With one out Bombers put tying and go ahead runs on base in the bottom of the 9th, but Scrub relievers (SEVEN used in game including two starters) out last the Bomber bullpen (FIVE relievers including two starters) to win 11-10.

Epilogue: Scrubs now 17-19 after 36 games and trailing division rivals Misfits and Rattlers badly. The end?
Apr 18th, League News
For the second straight year, a tgger star has been suspended for PED use.
Team trainer Dr. Feel-good declined comment. Team special conditioning coach Barry Bonds said, "it's a shame... his head was growing nicely".
Team manager Dave Hachten said, "for gawd's sake, why is anyone checking on us? - we SUCK!".
Bets are already being taken on the tgger most likely to be suspended next year.
Mar 22nd

Scrubs climb back to .500 with unlikely 4-2 series victory over Trucks

In game 1, Jake Arietta and the Trucks’ bullpen held the Scrubs to 5 hits, three of them singles.
But one of the other hits was an improbable grand slam by leadoff hitter Brandon Crawford and the Scrubs hold on for a 4-3 win.

Game 2 saw the dormant Scrub offense finally wake up – 12 hits for 8 runs and an 8-2 win.

Scrubs win game 3 by a score of 5-1, led by Jon Lester’s two runs scored,
RBI single and a base on balls (and another Brandon Crawford HR, his third of the series).

The Scrubs took a 3-1 lead into the 9th inning of game 4. Aaron Sanchez gave up a one-out walk,
and the Scrubs brought in Andrew Miller to close out the game. Instead, Miller allowed a single and a double – game now tied.
A bottom of the 9th rally put men on base but Scrubs failed to score. A two run HR by Rizzo in the 10th gave the Trucks the lead.
Although the Scrubs loaded the bases in the bottom of the tenth, no runs scored. Trucks win 5-3.

Some games are memorable – the pine tar game. Bucky Fucking Dent. Derek Jeter as Mr. November.
Game 5 will go down in history as the game no one wanted to win. Scrubs got only 2 hits in 9 innings – but the Trucks had only 3 hits.
No score after 9 innings of play. In innings, 10, 11, 12, 13 and 14, the Trucks managed to hit just one more single. The Scrubs also had just one single.
Through 14 innings, no score and both teams had 3 singles and one double – none in the same inning.
Top of the 15th, Trucks go down in order, and a leadoff HR by Robinson Chirinos – his second walk-off HR of the season - gives the Scrubs the win.

Exhausted from their 15 inning victory in game 5, the Scrubs are flat in game 6 and the Trucks cruise to a 7-5 win in which a late three run HR by the Scrubs made the final score look closer than it really was.

Feb 20th

Players still hung over from last year's victory celebrations?
Can the team only play well in even years like the Giants? Has the team's manager lost his touch? Or just his marbles?
All these theories have been denied by team management, but something is wrong with the Scrubbies.
Before the fans had even gotten their seats warm, the tggers jumped on the Scrubs for 17 runs in taking a 2-0 series lead.
Game 3 saw Scrub's ace Andrew Miller give up a two-run shot in the ninth to tie the game and bring it into extra innings.
Only a classic Scrub rally (a walk, another walk, an error and a sac fly) allowed them to salvage the game.
A Scrub rally fell short in game 4 as the Scrubs left the tying and go ahead runs on base in the bottom of the ninth.
Scrub bats finally came alive in game 5 for a 10-2 win, and the team salvaged a series split by winning game 6 5-2.
Things went from bad to worse when the Misfits came to town - the Scrubs managed barely 2 runs per game in the first four games,
while the Misfits put up 20 and took a 4-0 series lead. For the second time in two starts,
Jon Lester was reduced to a D before getting out of the 6th inning.
Game 5 saw Aaron Sanchez cruising with an 8-1 lead in the 9th before giving up 5 runs - but the Scrubs hung on to win 8-5.
In game 6, Thor completely dominated the Scrubs for 8 innings, leading 1-0 and giving up only 4 singles and a double, none in the same inning.
But in the bottom of the ninth a lead off walk and a fly out were followed by a single and then a walk-off HR by Robinson Chirinos. Scrubs lose series 4-2, but thankful it wasn't 5-1.
Team fans (all three of them) expressed displeasure - I think that's what it's called when they curse loudly
and throw beers at players on the field - with the team's 5-7 start. But the Scrubs face the Bombers in their next series - a strong showing there and all will be forgiven.